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Spin that record babe


there is this group, might not be perfect. BUT everyone is still learning right?

Say it here.



The leader

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey ya'll, you guys really did a great job performing at the dance fiesta.. As a leader I really feel really proud of you guys.. Especially our new crew member Charmaine and ofcoz the gurls.. Ling, Saki, Coco and Angie.. You guys really show your sexy side quite well.. hahaz.. As for the boys, we totally rock the party.. Hahaz.. Anyway, just wanna inform you guys that.. I'm crg-ing a new dance.. as well as Benny.. so, Plz look forward for the new dance.. ^^ Waddup *HIGH FIVE* .. We Dance For Life~~ Cross V. gonna Continue Dance till we Drop~~

p.s: I'll inform you guys about the time later.. quite bz right now.. have fun studying.. ^^

Danced at 8:32 AM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey guys~ Dance practise will start at the 22nd of Feb.. 10am everyday at aerobic room.. Make sure all of you guys and gurls don't be late for dance practise.. or I swear i'm goona kick your *tutt*... Gurls, make sure your instrutor is there when you gurls wanna start to dance.. Don't worry, laptop and speaker will be provided.. What else, hmm.. Oh yeah, we are dancing more then we expected.. Don't wanna tell you guys yet.. Wait till I get back.. kay.. I guess that's all..

P.S : Make sure all of you don't eat untill fat fat den come back then can't dance aa.. I'll cook you all up if is like that.. =.=" (warning from leader) ^^

Danced at 10:09 PM

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here are some video of the performance perform by Cross V!^^

This is the very 1st performance v perform in Utar for homecoming!^^

*the sound effect nt tat gud..sorry=P

Song is "Sorry Sorry" n "Call Me"

This is for the mooncake festival event!We dance the song "Call ME".

Please support us ya!


More to come..Wait ya=D

Danced at 9:26 PM

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey guys, this is your leader MH, waddup!! I have been inform that next semester around March like that Dance Club will organized an event and dey need us to perform.. ( yeap.. is for free again I know ) but hey, if dey are chances for us to perform infront of more people again.. I guess this will be interesting right.. Well, im in for this event and dance.. now I need ur guys opinion.. what do you guys think??

This is the details that I have chat with the person in-charge :

Karen Wai Yee Kan December 4 at 7:20pm
Hey there,Im Karen, ur lect mates..the purpose Im sending u msg here...is to ask u weather u and ur crew interested to join or performance for upcomin event dat organised by dance club..which wil be be helf in MArch...we are stil in the process of figuring hows de event going on to be..but we are lookin for talent and perfomances now..so I approached u..i talked to Benny be4 this..he asked me to talk to u ..so yay....Dont spread out to other students 1st..as we stil working on it..once evertyhing done..publicity wil do their job..and I hope if u guys r interested..perhaps let me know yea :) hope to hear from u soon!

Lee Mun Hon December 4 at 7:45pm
hey,sounds interesting.. hahaz.. but i have to discuss this with my crew first..hope you dunmind but i will reply u A.S.A.P.. okay? ^^

Karen Wai Yee Kan December 4 at 7:51pm
of cos I dont mind.take your time thou! :)its not rush.stil got time..just letting u know there is such event goin onso u guys can prepare smtg for itif interested thou..I am in charge in lookin for talents andperfomances..anything or further details.contact me at 0165280647..cool?thanks!

This is what I told her.. Now is up to guys to decide.. okay?? ^^

Danced at 4:23 AM